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What limits HD video on the Xbox? Is this a work around?

Is it the processor or is it just not enough memory?  The reason I ask is this, assuming that movie files would be stored on a different computer on your personal network.  If the xbox is just lacking the processing power to decode 720p and 1080i and display it couldn't someone design an app that would let the computer that is hosting the files do the processing (or possibly some of the processing) and stream it to the xbox where the xbox would just be dealing with displaying the video.  Granted the speed of your network and of the computer hosting the files would have an effect but to simplify things lets assume a wired network.  Is this possible?  Feasible?  I would think so but I do not have a background in programing.

If the problem is just not enough memory then I don't know if this would make any difference.  I wonder if you could use a flash drive like a vista uses for drive speed to extend the memory of the xbox.  It would be slower memory then the RAM but could it be fast enough to work?  What about if it was large enough to act like a huge cache where the xbox would take a few min to process and fill the flash drive and then play directly off that.  I think that may be a bit far fetched but I figured, while I am free thinking why not throw that out there.

quotS! It is not the RAM that is the bootleneck on the Xbox, (128MB is plenty good), it is firstly the CPU that is the bootleneck, and secondly the GPU. So IMHO you are better of spending your money on an HTPC computer to run XBMC for Linux on.quot;  - Gamester17 @ link;highlight=xbox gpu" target="_blank"> gpu

I guess it isn't the memory that is a problem.
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