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Stream from PC using .strm file keeps dropping.


I'm having a problem streaming live TV from my laptop to my Xbox.

I use a .strm file to point to my laptops' IP address. This then streams the TVU player to my Xbox and onto my TV which is just what I want.

The Xbox is hard wired to a 100meg router. The laptop has been tried either wired or wireless but the stream to the Xbox keeps dropping out.

It may be ok for about 5 minutes and then the Xbox just returns to the menu screen.

The laptop is still working with no problems.

I increased the cache for quot;unknown type-internetquot; to 10240kb but it still happens

The Video/Audio/DVD cache- harddisk is set to 4096kb.

When I open up the .strm file, the screen says that the cache is set to 10240kb so I'm sure I've increased the correct cache.

Am I missing something? Is there a better way to do this?

I've searched around here but not found any posts on this subject. The Xbox plays movies from the Xbox HDD perfect and radio streaming direct on the Xbox is also great.

Just this one problem with streaming video
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