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UPnP seeking, fast-forwarding, and rewinding?


I've got my XBMC connecting to a Nero MediaHome UPnP server which is playing the video fine.

My problem however is that I can't seek, fast-forward or rewind the videos being streamed from MediaHome.

I am using T3CH XBMC 2007-09-23 SVN rev10329 binaries and the latest version of MediaHome.

I am forcing the videos to be transcoded in MediaHome to MPEG2 video and MP3 audio.

I did try it without transcoding and xvid avi's didnt seek at all either. A h264   aac video in a mp4 container sort of worked, but it seeked up to a point then kept stuttering and saying quot;bufferingquot;.

Any pointers would be great, if you need more info let me know.
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