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Some games freeze at startup (HDD or DVD)

I've read a few different posts on games not working but I haven't ran across my situation yet.  I have a few games saved to the hard drive (Need for speed most wanted, 007, halo, etc) and these work fine.  Some games, however, (Call of Duty 2 and 3, rainbow 6, segagt) will load up to the first screen (after all the intro video clips) and will have the quot;press start to beginquot; message.  But it freezes after that.  I can't even restart by using the four buttons on the controller.  I tried these games with the dvds and by copying them to the hard drive.  Any thoughts?

I have the latest stable build of XBMC (even though this happened with the old build).  I'm using MediaStream. Some games (and game saves) work.  This happens when I boot with dvd in or if I load the game from XBMC.

Thinking it could be a memory issue.  Any ways of improving performance or recommended cache settings?
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